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  Available Today for Escort and available now for Webcam and Phone Chat and on DirectCam


Hi there! My name is Amica Bentley, a kinky porn star, escort and webcammer also offering taboo rated sex chat! Looking forward to perverting you very soon! Amica xxx

About me

  Kensington and Chelsea, United Kingdom
  AdultWork rating: 5825
  Available Today for Escort and available now for Webcam and Phone Chat and on DirectCam

Gender Female
Orientation Bi-sexual
Age 35
Ethnicity Caucasian (White)
Dress Size 8
Height 5'2"
Chest Size 26" A Natural
Hair Colour Brown Long
Eye Colour Blue
Pubic Hair Natural


XMAS SPECIALS! ⭐️ Pornstar Amica ✅ ADULTWORK PERFORMER OF THE YEAR ✅ Toned Tanned Tiny ⭐️ WS Expert ⭐️ FB de jour: "Firmest, freshest, fittest body you could imaginge running riot with" ⭐️

1/12/18: "OMG! What a fantastic woman KDB is, I had a brilliant time with a real pro who knows how to deliver. A truly superb pissfest of a duo with MissKDD in tow" - "Hendrix"

Kinky GFE • £250 • NEW! 45 mins: £200

Includes: BDSM • Massage • prostate massage • Strapon • Tie & Tease • anal play • MFF + more

PSE • £350 • NEW! 45 mins: £300

Including: A + Facial + couples MF + WS


Including: EVERYTHING on my LIKES list! *and maybe a few that aren't!

Something not listed? Let me know what depraved filth you seek and I will let you know what your bespoke party package will be

FB 9/7: "Wow! The best I've experienced on AW. Amica is beautiful, sexy and youthful awesome at oral and most of all, has a cracking personality. Defo see again!" - jack

✔︎ Study the SERVICES SECTION > Which one floats your boat?

✔︎ Make contact including the above.

To avoid disappointment please state precisely what you are looking to do during our time together. This lets me know that it is highly likely you have read my profile which seems to make for the most exquisite meetings!

AVAILABLE TODAY is generally not used as I am available most days with sufficient notice

This is not a full time occupation so advance planning will be required as I am not available short notice

Email with the SERVICE you seek Detailed in the SERVICES section for your convenience

⭐️ Star of Channel 4: "Phone Sex Secrets" ☎️ Get my private number or I can call you ⭐️

Welcome to the louche world of my popular Fantasy phone sex sessions which are notoriously depraved as I expertly extract the very seed from your already aching balls with my impeccable, honeyed dulcet purr, lavishing your libido with salacious depravity.

☎️ SILENT CALLS ☎️ Participation Optional ☎️ BOOKING ONLY ☎️ +1 credits/min ❌ NOT AVAILABLE on DIRECTCHAT ❌

As a veteran Phone Sex Chat Performer your participation/encouragement is entirely optional and with little guidance I can easily amuse, excite and despunk those tight balls without any of the awkward silences offered by less accomplished counterparts.

FB 07/04: "Omg - this lady had such and amazing voice it took me to climax just by her talking" - robmarylebone

I realise that your twitching cock is already fit to blow when you call, so my mission:
To string your call out as long as possible get you off as quickly as possible I take great pride at getting straight down to business & my mission (unless you request otherwise) is to deseed your ballsack AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!

FB 4/2: "Damn she lives up to her name!" - UKTOURIST

I am an experienced professional Voice Over actress and DCH, DHP Masters qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, unsurprisingly, with a particular interest in Psychosexual Therapy and as such you will find that I am extremely versatile, lending an empathic & understanding ear to both fantasies and personal topics alike.

FB 12/04: "She emptied my balls so easily just with her voice. I shudder at the thought of what she'd do to me in a real time meet" - TommysGun

☎️ To make a call on DIRECTCHAT you will need sufficient credits to conduct a 5 minute call

If you are not able to get through on DirectChat please make a Phone Chat Booking as or try again a little later. It will just be that my phone is very busy and some persistence is required! You do not need to withhold your details as all I see on my end is the AdultWork Phone Chat number

[quote][i]FB August: [b]"Amazing cuckold phone chat session, she’s the best around.
"[/i][/b] [/quote]

☎️ Listen to our Phone Chat Session on your phone/MP3 Player/Computer

If you would like to listen to my dulcet tones again & again all you need to do is double the credits for your PHONE CHAT BOOKING & mention MP3 in comments & I will record it for you to be sent to you within minutes of the end of the call
FB 8/11: "The Finest Filthiest Fone Fuck Ever, Dirty Dirty Bastard" - anon

☎️ IGNORE ☎️ Participation Optional ☎️ DIRECT CHAT

Those who like me, love to engage in this particular fetish, will simply stay quiet on their Direct Chat call and not say a peep. The phone will then be switched to loudspeaker while you listen to me continuing about my life completely oblivious to your existence.

If you would like me to call you or have any other Special Requests please let me know in the comments box of your Phone Chat Booking Request

☎️ DIRECTIM ☎️ DirectCam Platform ☎️ TYPED CHAT

FB 4/4: "Love going gay for u mistress" - ac44442436

DirectIM works on the same platform as DirectCAM so it will look exactly the same except for the first time you will see the typed filth that spills from my lightning quick fingers instead of my succulent mouth

An ex Legal Secretary (notorious in the typing world for our superlative speeds) my lightning quick fingers swiftly dance over the keyboard, relaying over 80 words per minute of fucked up fun for your visual enjoyment

Whether you are looking for advice or Sexting, THIS is the place to come!

FB 23/03: "Pure filth - loved every minute" - Hornyhappyman

More Than Sex Chat

Whether you are seeking advice and assistance of a sexual, dietary, professional or technical nature I can provide this service by way of DirectChat or DirectIM

Skype • DirectCam • Audio ALWAYS

DirectCam for you to catch one of my INSTANT ACTION shows when you can! CUM & see what you should expect with ANYONE with KINKY • DIRTY • BITCH in AS their name! Unsurprisingly, Webcam Performer of the Year Winner putting those 25 years in the industry to good use!.

FB 11/11: "Firmest, freshest, fittest body you could imaginge running riot with" - frightnight

♥️ Booked Shows ♥️

If you can send me an email prior to your Webcam Booking Request you can let me know a little bit about the sort of webcam show you would enjoy, otherwise leave it with my rather devious mind to entertain your libido

✅ 2/3: "Sensational! the best ever overtakes everyone else easily!" - Glen69

♥️ Special Requests ♥️

Outfit requests

+5 credits


+10 credits/min

♥️ Directcam • AUDIO ALWAYS • From 1 credit/minute >SPECIAL OFFERS<

• GROUP: POV • Body Worship • Spitting • Dirty Talk • C2C • Period Play (when available) • watersports REQUESTS WELCOME • first CUM ~ first PERVED! • You are welcome to lurk in silence if you wish because you are not the performer in my show, but my most welcome guest

• PRIVATE: As above PLUS: taboo • phone • domination • JOI • Guided Masturbation • foot worship • verbal humiliation • farting • fetishes & roleplays • my undivided personal attention • Specific requests • undivided attention to your c2c

☑︎ Ideal for those wishing for a shorter booking than the minimum for booked shows
☑︎ Those wishing to speak to me on the phone should call on DIRECTCHAT
☑︎ Wardrobe requests in BLOCK BOOKING facility found in "Special Requests"

21/10: "Fantastic private session with a legendary filthbag" ~ MNA

You can call me Amica or KDB but my favourite of all, Mistress Abuse is never permissible & you should note there is not a submissive bone in this lithe form.

All natural which means no fake nails, hair, tan, eyelashes, botox, fillers, tits or dyed hair WYSIWYG. The exact same size in my 40's as I was in my teens; a lithe size 8 weighing in a lithe 7 st. Not only do I look good for MY age, but give those half my age a run for their pocket money!

Allow not the mouth watering scale of my talents, capabilities & experience of high octane fiilth blind you to the fact that I am feminine, demure & petite, with a particularly fertile imagination. Please understand that the more extreme activities are available only to those who request such a service.

You will enjoy a sensual, genuine & attentive kinkster, who after a few decades of skilled fetish play, conversant in more ways than one's less chronologically accomplished counterparts.

Highly sought after + painfully selective = rarely available

Downright depraved professional published mainstream & adult model AdultWork Webcam Performer of the Year 2015 & Shafta Nominated Milf of the Year. Despite my exotic appearance, all natural mane of dark glossy hair, sparkling blue eyes & tight all natural body, I am BRITISH born, bred & softly spoken. Mostly.


Starting out as a successful mainstream professional model for the likes of:
Loaded • Front • Eastenders • The Bill • pop promo • Vodka Commercials • Mainstream Movies • Rubber Ball • Adult Channels • Car Commercials • the usual hag rags of: The Sun • The Mirror • The Sport

All the while working both as a professional pole dancer & Air Hostess, I followed my smouldering passion for kinky sex which lured me from being then a Fetish Model & Professional Dominatrix as Goddess Aphrodite over a decade before even entertaining the notion of fucking my slaves! After honing the art of FemDom & appearing in countless fetish movies, I then got rid of the ridiculous fake tits and briefly dipped my toe into mainstream porn, electing to work for only the very best in the business for the brief time indulged:
Killergram • Kaizen • Playboy • Television X • Red Hot TV • Daring • PureXXX • Kendo • Private • Jim Slip • Dorcel • Philipe Soine • Magma • Woman Worship • The English Mansion: • The Adult Channel • Porn XN • Red Hot • AllMums • Fake Taxi - UKAP Best Site 2014 • Fake Agent.

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• Real Life Stories
• Versklavt
• La Baise les petites Anglaises
• The Book Club

FB 1st March 2018: "This women really is the best for a reason - utter filth" - Jmark

This profile and its material is © of kinkydirtybitch • All Rights Reserved • Any redistribution, reproduction in part or all contents in any form is prohibited. You may not redistribute any of my unique content. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.




What is your starsign? Libra Sept 23 - Oct 23
What is your Primary Language? Brutal honesty
What is your Secondary Language? Woke
What is your favourite colour? Organic light roast coffee colour
Who is your favourite celebrity? Dr Jason Fung
What is your best feature? Smile
What is your worst feature? Feet
What three words best describe your personality? Sublime Sovereign Divinity
What is your favourite food? Fat
What is your favourite drink? Distilled water with electrolytes
What is your favourite film? Big Fat Lie
What is your favourite TV programme? Phone Chat Sex Secrets
What are your favourite flowers? Erupting Orgasm Bulb
What is your favourite perfume? My own sparkling piss
What is your favourite gift? Cash
What is your favourite holiday destination? Somewhere EMF Free
What is your ethnicity? Caucasian (White)
What is the colour of your eyes? Blue
What is the colour of your hair? Brown
What length is your hair? Long
How would you describe your body type? Small
How tall are you? 5'2"
How much do you weigh? 7½st
What is your leg measurement? 24"
What is your shoe size? 4
What is your dress size? 8
What size is your chest? 26"
What is your waist measurement? 24"
What is your hips measurement? 28"
What is your bra cup-size? A
How would you describe the size of your breasts? Small
Are your breasts natural or enhanced? Natural
How is your pubic hair fashioned? Natural
Do you smoke? No
Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Neither
If you have tattoos or piercings, how discreet are they None
What times are you always available? When I get an offer too good to refuse
Will you do overnight bookings? No
List of Towns/Areas you will visit Central London 5* Hotels
How long are you prepared to travel for? 30 mins
Nearest rail station? South Kensington
What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in public? If you ask me during our Phone Chat session you might find out
What sort of men turn you on? Clean, polite, gentlemen who can string a sentence together
What sort of women turn you on? Woke AF
What is the most memorable sexual experience you’ve ever had? Due to strict obscenity laws I am unable to share the story here
What is the most outrageous thing that you’ve done sexually (be honest!) Paid for sex
Where would you most like to have sex? Off grid
What is your favourite sexual position? Dominant
What is your second favourite sexual position? In control
What is your biggest turn on? Money
The most sensitive part of my anatomy is? Brain
Describe the experience (when and where) The Free Wank Fodder Department is closed
What is your favourite sexual fantasy? Continuing to live the dream of being a professional sex deviant
How often do you masturbate? During remuneration
What sexual activity do you enjoy the most? BDSM
When is your libido at its highest? Whilst conscious


"A" Levels
Watersports (Giving)
MMF 3Somes
FFM 3Somes
Watersports (Receiving)
Deep Throat
BDSM (giving)
Rimming (receiving)
Spanking (giving)
Domination (giving)
Humiliation (giving)
CIM (at discretion)
"A" Levels (at discretion)
Oral without (at discretion)
French Kissing (discretion)
Receiving Oral
Strap On
Prostate Massage
Foot Worship
Pole Dancing
Face Sitting
Role Play & Fantasy
Fisting (giving)
Tie & Tease
Anal Play
Penetration (Protected)
Cross Dressing
15 Mins "quickie"
Dinner Dates
Food Sex/Sploshing
Hand Relief
Fingering/Finger Play


In Calls

15 mins 100
½ Hour 150
1 Hour 250
1½ Hours 375
2 Hours 500

Out Calls

1 Hour 250
1½ Hours 375
2 Hours 500

The above rates are specified in GBP (British Pound).



Your intelligence should not insulted by sending the exact same information to you that is already provided in the profile, created specifically for your convenience.

How Old Are You really? It seems to change from day to day!

Outrageously more chronologically advanced than appearances would have most assume. See private gallery & movies for recent facial visuals, of both varieties!


On a good day, a little bit like throwing a needle into a haystack! The thing with the booking system is that it is not 'realtime' and is not updated when I take on the only booking of the day.

Bookings 2hrs+

First meetings are never longer than an hour. Meetings over 1 hour are reserved for those with whom compatibility has been established.

How dirty do you get?

Let me know what you seek to make your fantasies reality.


• LINGERIE: Basque, suspenders, bra sets, panties sets, thong sets • LEATHER: Dress, Bra • Mini skirt • trousers • long gloves • booty shorts • LATEX: stockings, opera gloves, dress, thong, gauntlets • PVC: Red Catsuit, nickers, bikini, cupless bra, skirt, jacket, thong, short gloves, gauntlets, corset, halter top. • SPANDEX: Hood, Seamed Stockings • Most styles of SHOES & BOOTS: Ankle, knee, thigh length, 8” heels, Loubs, the lot! • STOCKINGS & SUSPENDERS: Fully Fashioned, Seamed, sheer, fishnet, red, white, black, flesh • holdups • SATIN: full back & french panties, negligee, gloves • GLOVES (satin): Black • Red • Silver • PANTIES (full back): white, black, red + others • THONGS & G STRINGS: white, black, red + others • UNIFORMS: Secretary/teacher/business woman • Schoolgirl • French Maid • authentic Air Hostess uniform misappropriated from previous employer I have most things, so if you have something in mind, and can't see it in the PRIVATE GALLERY by all means bring it along with you (size: Extra Small • UK 6 • US Zero)

I'm a TEENAGER/inexperienced/VIRGIN/FIRST TIMER/MODEL/can't cum, Brad Pitt/etc - is that a problem?

I entertain all the delicious variations of respectful clean kinksters, regardless of gender, creed, colour, size, shape or level of chronological advancement or even the lack thereof.

Are these your photos?

My lovingly crafted profile has taken nearly a decade to get to where it is today: • 3 recent profile photos watermarked Exclusive to Adultwork, for security they only appear HERE • A brief FREE introduction movie showing ME in ACTION! • Over 8,000 private photos • over 40 FREE pictures in my FREE gallery You can also avail yourself of over FIVE THOUSAND feedbacks on there from 10 years of existence in only THIS incarnation of my profile; I have actually been on adult work since it started nearly 10 years ago and am one of the original members, The Adultwork Performer of the Year and Adultwork Model Search Winner.

TOYS • There is little I do not have. In the unlikely event it does not feature on this illustratory list please let me know

• Anal & Vaginal Dilators • Ball Gag: Solid & Breathe Through • Blind Folds • Bondage Straps • Butt Plugs: Dog Tail, Pig Tail, Skinny, XXL • Dildoes: With & Without Harnesses • All shapes & sizes from "is it in yet" to "fuck off away from me with that you psycho" • Enema kit • Magic Wand • Nipple Clamps: Gentle, Clover Leaf, Nipple Sticks • Percussive Implements: Crop • Paddle • Deerskin Flogger • Rubber Flogger • Restraints: Rope, cuffs, thigh bondage straps • Medical Play: Anal Dilator, Speculum, Gloves, Catheter Syringe • Strapon • wartenberg wheel • Wrist Restraints

Cam Tech Specs:

• VIDEO CAMERA: 4k USB3 HD pin sharp WIDESCREEN for the superlative viewing experience. • LIGHTING: My multi directional high capacity and professional as beautiful as it is functional. • INTERNET: Dedicated FIBRE OPTIC • THE BEAST I: Obnoxiously overclocked, hyperthreaded beast of a gaming machine with none of those old fashioned spinning discs - one big fuck off Solid State Drive & RAMmed to maximum capacity with a spacious 16GB cache • Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 2048MB GDDR5 w/ SLI (every little helps!) • Punchy Processor Passmark of 9553 Intel Core i7 3770K 3.50GHz @ 4.80GHz Ivybridge CPU • Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V DELUXE Intel Z77 • THE BEAST II: 4Ghz quad core i7 BOOSTED TO 4.2GHZ dripping in 32GB of 1867Mhz DDR3 SDRAM to support the AMD Radeon R9 M395X with 4GB video memory to complement the 5K retina 5120x2880 P3. • No shitty laptop with 99% CPU here, this superlative set up never needs to bother itself beyond 10% despite being perpetually splattered over a multitude of sites. • AUDIO: none of this archaic inbuilt whoreshit, external professional microphones are utilised to enjoy my honeyed dulcet tones & sloppy wet slit in stereo.

Can you help me with my profile/diet/photos/movies/health/problems/give me some advice/your opinion?

I would be delighted to assist on a consultancy basis which is PPM. Whatever YOUR role, MY time is ALWAYS chargeable

The Numerous Copy & Paste Princesses: "I just LOVE your profile so just nicking this bit here"

Firstly, good luck with trying to keep up with my Profile OCD; I update mine on an embarrassingly frequent basis; add me to your hotlist and see what I mean! Those lacking in the intelligence, creativity & imagination required to create & maintain a profile of this calibre should copy at their peril & prepare for deletion.

Do you have a members' site not listed here?

NO! There are various tatty looking sites out there using my notoriety which are FAKE and nothing to do with me whatsoever. I have never had any pay sites & any other sites that claim to be me, run by me or feature me are nothing to do with me. This is the only place you can find my own content. Beware of cybersquatters attempting to cash in on my long established notoriety by chucking my stolen content on their sites!


South Kensington, Kensington and Chelsea, United Kingdom
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1.99 credit(s) per minute, no need to book, you call a landline number (info)
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Well Worn Panties